About us

Our company

Our mission is to help you spend quality time with your little one by delivering everything you need for your baby’s daily care to your doorstep. So you don’t have to run to the shop for nappies, wipes or nappy cream. We take care of it for you!

Because we love babies so much, we want to help you celebrate new baby by crafting unique nappy cakes. I hand make each cake with practical items such as nappies and baby care products together in a delightful presentation with great attention to details and care. Our cakes are designed to wow new parents on any occasions: decorating the baby nursery, sending of a colleague on maternity leave or having a baby shower, celebrating a birth or a christening, or simply making a lovely surprise. 

Our team


My name is Aude. I am a mum and founder of babe-care. I have worked over 10 years in the luxury hospitality industry and online travel before becoming a mum. I quickly decided to stop working until both my children started school.

I have been nurturing the idea of a baby care products delivery service since my first child was born. I was living in a small village with the first shops 5km away. Every time I would run out of items I would have to take the bus to go to the shops. And the task was not easy. It had to be timely to respect the bus and shops time tables whilst making sure my little one was fed cleaned and dressed to go. I found it hard to find all the baby care items I wanted in the same shop, and to manage the shopping with the children all the way back home.

That’s how our babe-care box was born. I have gathered everything you need for your baby's daily care and wrapped it with love so as to relieve you from this task.

Every little helps when a new baby arrives in the family because babies grow fast. Time you spent with your little one is precious.

Our partners

We are delighted to have established partnerships with leaders in the field to offer you quality and reliability of products every day for your little ones.