Delivery and returns

Delivery is managed by SwissPost.  The full terms and conditions, T&C, of delivery are detailed in the terms and conditions of use. We refer to the T&C as the absolute definition.

babe-care boxes delivery

As a single purchase, your babe-care box order is cared for within 2 working days after receipt of your payment. Your babe-care box is then delivered by SwissPost within 3 working days to the delivery address you gave in your order confirmation. 

As a recurring order, your babe-care box will be sent on the 10th of the month or the next working day following the 10th of the month when that day falls on a weekend or a bank holiday. Your payment has to be received by the 5th of that same month at the latest. Please bear in mind that your babe-care box order has to be confirmed before the last day of the previous month.

babe-care boxes damaged during shipping: babe-care cannot be held responsible in case of loss or damage of your babe-care box from the moment it has been handed over to SwissPost for transporting it to the delivery address you gave in your confirmation order. It is your responsibility to check your parcel upon receiving it and make the necessary reserve if necessary. It is also your responsibility to report officially the damage to SwissPost if necessary, following the procedure. However babe-care will happily replace the concerned babe-care box. You will simply need to return it to babe-care, at your expense, with the official statement from SwissPost.

babe-care boxes returns: due to the nature of the content inside the box, returns on opened products are not allowed.  Should either seal be broken or damaged, this consitutes an opened box.  Unopened boxes may be returned minus a handling fee to cover the costs of shipping.

Nappy cakes delivery

Nappy cakes ordered within the Canton of Geneva plus an additional 20km radius will be delivered by hand due to the nature of the product.  At this moment in time, we do not deliver outside this radius. However, please contact us if you would like to arrange an alternative delivery method to allow us to deliver to you outside this range.

Nappy cake deliveries are considered final at the time of delivery, without any return possible. 

Important notice 

babe-care cannot be held responsible for any delivery delay for which SwissPost is responsible.

babe-care reserves the right to use any other means of distribution within the delay and delivery fee agreed. Delay in delivery may vary due to transportation issues, products being out of stock, or holiday periods. babe-care will notify you by email in these events.

Working days do not include weekend and bank holidays.